On June 15, 2015

You have been wondering how to come up with an A+ class essay that will earn you more points in your assignment? Yes, I got your concern, and I will show you through this blog how to surprise your professor with a perfect essay in your assignment and earn higher points in college exams. Here we go!

Before you start to construct an essay, you should first identify the kind of an essay required by your professor and note down what you already know about the subject matter to be discussed in the essay. When you have organized all the information, you will write in the essay you are good to think about the structure. These preliminaries provide ideas for building an article.

What do you start with? Even the experienced writers sometimes may find it tricky to start writing on the paper. Hence, the trick always is to begin by writing the first thoughts on paper and add on all other researched data as you proceed. All essays should have a beginning, middle and an end, i.e. the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

An introduction is a short description of the essay topic that includes definitions or some explanations, according to the know-how of the writer about the topic. The introduction contains the thesis statement detailing what this essay talks about. It should be stated clearly aspects of the topic will be discussed and their justifications. Some few main points must be used to support the essay topic. A clear Idea of the flow should be stipulated in the introduction. The introduction part should have at least three sentences hinting at the primary information contained in the body of the essay.

The transition from the introduction should be smooth to enhance the reader's understanding the flow of points. In the main body of the essay, develop many paragraphs that discuss the main agenda of the essay. The outline of each paragraph should have the topic sentence; its explanation and an example illustrating the topic. There should be another explanation is support of the relevance of the example used. The main points of the essay are discussed comprehensively using appropriate examples and illustrations, using clearly defined paragraphs. The writer is required to think about the structure of the composition and to maintain the flow of the main points throughout the conclusion. Most writers sometimes go astray at this stage, but these mistakes can be avoided by being cautious prior to building an essay.

After exhausting your discussion of the main points, give a brief review of the thesis statement of the essay. The conclusion is meant to summarize the main points of the essay. Sometimes it is important to provide a rigid or a tentative answer to the topic being discussed. These could be situations where suggestions are provided for wider implications or future trends. The writer might highlight areas worthy of further considerations. The writer’s personal views can introduced at this particular stage as long as they implicate the arguments initially developed in the body. Similarly, the conclusion can review the topic sentences in the introduction part and re-state them in light of the evidence discussed in the body of the essay.

Now that you have developed a well-structured essay, you have to boost your chances by proofreading to find and eliminate the grammar and spelling errors. Ensure that your citations are appropriate with the requirements of the assignment. Go forth and develop an excellent essay without grammar and structural errors.

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