On May 21, 2015
Your professor asked you to write an essay, and you probably don't know which type of an essay to write. There are various forms of compositions with different structures that will be discussed below. There are different types of essays that writers can develop in arts, sciences or humanities. An essay is a formal piece of writing that presents the writer's view of a given topic. The writer gives their argument about a topic of interest based on their opinion. Therefore, it is important to know all types of essays so that you can perform your best in the best genre of writing.
Argumentative essay
This genre of writing approaches a topic in an investigative way. The student is required to collect, develop, analyze and evaluate information about a topic in a systematic manner. The student finally considers the information available to argue out their position on this subject matter briefly. The structure of an argumentative essay is simple and clear. The most critical aspect of this structure is defining the thesis statement of the essay at the beginning of the essay. This statement should be clearly stated and brief. This statement should give the reader a review of the topic of discussion without having to read it all through. This introduction should be followed by the body paragraphs providing evidential support of the writer's position. These factual, statistical or logical arguments should be well interconnected with the transition between them wrapping previous and introducing new ideas of the argument. A conclusion that re-addresses the topic should wrap the case in light of the factual evidence provided.
An expository essay
In this genre of writing, the student investigates into the topic and sets up a concise argument about the idea of discussion clearly. Thus, the writer employs the approaches like comparison and contrast or cause and effect analysis. To write an expository essay, the student begins with a clear and concise definition of the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. The body paragraphs follow this with logical transitions between the introduction, body, and the conclusion. The body consists of factual content that creatively supports the writer's position on the topic. Finally, a conclusion that redefines the introduction with the evidence presented concludes the essay.
The descriptive essay
This kind of essay describes an object whether a person, situation, place or condition. This piece is simple to develop and write. The writer needs to brainstorm on the topic of discussion. This is followed by an organized and richly developed body that employs clear and vivid language that creates images and leaves a clear impression in the mind of a reader.
A narrative essay
This essay is synonymous with a telling story. It allows the student to express their thoughts freely in a creative and personal moving way. This essay takes a personal, anecdotal and experiential approach. An organized narrative has a purpose, includes all parts of a story if needed, uses a concise language and is written from the writer's point of view. This essay, therefore, may use the first person pronoun in narrating details of the story. A narrative essay employs a creative language that makes it more interesting to the reader.
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